some op-eds, essays, and other publications I've written over the years

The Four Dynamics Shaping Global Private Markets
2022Portico Advisers
Thoughts on the primary fundraising landscape, industry consolidation, macro, and the emergence of crypto as an institutional asset class.

Does Emerging Markets Private Equity Scale?
2017Portico Advisers
What is the absorptive capacity of EM private equity / venture capital?

Is Emerging Markets Private Equity Dying?
2016Portico Advisers
Explores several existential challenges besetting the EM private equity industry.

Framing Africa’s private equity landscape in a pan-emerging markets context
2014Financial Times
Synopsis of remarks I delivered at the UN Economic Commission for Africa’s Ninth African Development Forum (Marrakech, Morocco).

The Evolution and Future of Private Equity in China
2012Palgrave Macmillan
Chapter in Darek Klonowski’s Private Equity in Emerging Markets: The New Frontiers of International Finance. Provides an overview of the development of China’s domestic PE industry and local-currency fund managers; also covers three trends shaping the future of the industry. Co-authored with Sarah E. Alexander.

Generation ‘Y Me?’
2011The Wall Street Journal
Changes in demography, capital markets, and geopolitics mean young Americans face a bleaker investment future than their parents did.

The Country Team: Restructuring America’s First Line of Engagement
2007Joint Force Quarterly
On restructuring U.S. Embassies to improve their effectiveness. Co-authored with Ambassador Robert B. Oakley.